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Hi, I’m Libré!

I am an energy healer who help busy overwhelmed professionals heal physically and energetically and to reach well-being through holistic plant-based practices like gardening, whole food plant-based cooking and energy balancing routines. I help people to align to who they are by aligning with the planet. 

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You need a consultation if…” 

  • You want to eat more delicious whole food plant-based foods, but have no idea how to get started

  • You want to grow you own home-grown vegetables to incorporate into healthy delicious home-cooked meals

  • You want to live a more sustainable life, but it seems overwhelming and complicated

  • You are busy, overwhelmed and at your wits end! You want to slow down, get healthy and increase your energetic vibration by reconnecting to Mother Earth

Living Green Garden Services

The current societal design has pushed us into careers and a lifestyle that removes us from nature. Sitting at a desk all day, being indoors and eating foods that are void of nutrition is the opposite of how we evolved which is to be out in nature, eating whole delicious foods and communing with Mother Earth and her inhabitants. 


At Living Green Garden, we personally work with you to slow down and find joy by incorporating a cleaner, greener and more sustainable lifestyle. We teach you how to live a plant-based lifestyle through gardening and growing your own food, eating a whole food plant-based diet, living sustainably, and healing body and soul energetically. 


Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking and Meal Planning

Eat more whole plant-based foods that are oil free, made with minimally processed foods and are absolutely delicious and fulfilling. 


Living Green and Sustainably 

You want to live a greener life…but you’re busy and don’t have time. No worries! We’ll identify your goals and find easy-to-implement solutions to living a greener more sustainable life. 


Grow Your Own Organic Herbs and

Confidently grow your own organic herbs and vegetables and incorporate fresh foods into your diet grown from your own hands. 

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Energy Healing with Personalized AO Voice Digital Body Scan - $170

Everything is energy and frequency is the future. Send in a voice recording and receive a detailed digital body scan that is equivalent to blood work from your doctor. The scan will identify allergies, ailments in the body and identify blockages in your chakras and meridians. 

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It’s Time To Reconnect With Mother Earth

“Heal your mind, body and soul by slowing down and connecting to nature and yourself.”

Because we are now, so removed from nature, from well-being, we are getting sicker and more depressed. We are in a state a crisis.


We need to heal. We need to get back to Mother Earth. At Living Green Garden, I personally work with you to slow down and find joy by incorporating a healthy plant-based lifestyle that works for you and your family. I teach you how to increase your vibration and live in a state of well-being through living a greener life through gardening, growing your own food, eating a more whole plant foods, and balancing your energetic field.

The Greenwood Miller Project

Uniting Black and Brown Communities Together Around Gardening and Good Nutrition

The Greenwood Miller Project (GMP) is a project named after my great grandfather, from Beulah, MS who was an avid gardener and grew most of his own food for him and his family.  GMP start community gardens in food desert communities to give free access to fresh organic foods. 

Living Green Garden, through GMP, started a community garden at Nichols Park in Gary, IN Midtown neighborhood. The food grown is free for ALL. The GMP mission is to start and build communities around gardens and growing food. GMP aims to give community resources and skills in growing food. Gardens are permaculture designed to be low-maintainence with maximum yields. 

Join the movement and grow with us! Volunteer to help start and maintain a garden, talk to the community about good whole food plant-based cooking and nutrition or donate money or other resources. 

Join the GMP Community! Togther we will make a difference.

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Absolutely love Libre at @livinggreengarden ! She taught me and gave me the courage to start my own garden from the absolute beginning. I’ve grown so much food and now have the knowledge to teach my family and friends how to start their own garden. I am forever grateful for her! It’s the gift that keeps giving.

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