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Our Services

Consultations Prices (Excluding Energy Healing with AO Voice Digital Body Scan)

1 for $85
3 for $234 ($78 each)

6 for $420 ($70 each)

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Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking and Meal Planning 

Eating a whole food plant-based diet has been proven to reverse heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. We are conditioned to eat over-processed foods that it can be challenging to learn how to eat delicious whole plants.


With this consultation program, you can finally eat more whole plant-based foods that are oil-free, made with minimally processed foods and are absolutely delicious and fulfilling. I will help you learn what delicious whole plant-based foods to cook that aligns with your and your family’s palette. I will show you how to plan and set yourself up for success and the true secrets to making all of your meals delicious. 

Grow Your Own Organic Herbs and Vegetables 

This program is designed to help you grow your own herbs and vegetables. Whether you are a new or experienced gardener, Libré will work with you to conceptualize your garden goals and develop a plan to help you achieve them. The program can include, but are not limited to, starting a garden, seed starting indoors, succession planning, fall garden planning, seed harvesting, food preservation and more.


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Living Green and Sustainably

You want to live a greener life…but you’re busy and don’t have time. No worries! We’ll identify your goals and find easy-to-implement solutions to living a greener and more sustainable life. Meet one-on-one with Libré to develop a customized sustainability plan to help you incorporate greener practices into your current lifestyle. Topics included but are not limited to, composting, upcycling, recycling, sustainable fashion and more. 

Energy Healing Consultation with Personalized AO Voice Digital Body Scan - $170

Everything is energy and frequency is the future. Send in a voice recording and receive a detailed digital body scan that is equivalent to blood work from your doctor. The scan will identify allergies, ailments in the body and identify blockages in your chakras and meridians. After the consultation, you will be sent customized sound frequencies to balance your energetic frequencies. 

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AO Scan Digital Body Analyer with no consultation $100

Receive a digital non-invasive body scan with personalized frequencies to balanceyour body and energy field

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