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Fresh Runner Beans

Living Green Garden

Founder of Living Green Garden 

Hi! I am Libré and I am going to tell you how growing and eating whole delicious foods changed my life. I was overweight, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a diabetic, was overworked, and on medication for depression and anxiety. I tried weight loss programs, pills, weight-loss surgeries, Overeaters Anonymous and I had a monthly appointment with my psychiatric nurse practitioner, internal medical physician, and therapist, desperately trying to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Gardening and growing and cooking whole foods was a major key to changing my life. 

Gardening and fueling our souls with whole foods are high vibrational activities that will grow exponentially throughout your life. As you bring your mental and physical bodies into a higher vibration, you will notice how life effortlessly changes to match your higher frequency. This is what happed to me. 

I come from an agricultural family. My great-grandfather, Greenwood Miller, owned a farm in Beulah, Mississippi and grew food for his family including his grandchildren. My great-grandfather raised my mother to eat the food from their land. My mother never forgot what she learned and passed all of her knowledge down to me. When I was a little girl, I would be outside with my mother while she planted flowers and vegetables. When I became grown, I continued the legacy and started to grow vegetables and raised my daughter to do the same. My mother used to always say, “We didn’t have much money but we were never hungry because we had our own and we grew our own food.” That resonated with me so much. If I have land and some seeds, then I am and will ALWAYS be ok. 

Black women. We are the healers of our communities, but we cannot heal our people, until we heal ourselves. Join me in returning to nature and as we nurture Mother Earth, we and our families will be nurtured as well.

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